Manga is much greater than anime. Hands down.

Alright, maybe that’s a little unfair. Anime can be much more entertaining. But at the same time, I know when I read a manga chapter that if I’m disappointed at the end because they dragged something out, at least it didn’t waste 20 FREAKIN MINUTES. God. I can deal with having to waste a couple minutes to read a crappy chapter. But episode after episode of long drawn out crap really irks me. I can especially see how apparent it is in anime such as Naruto and Bleach. These two are notorious for having long scenes of people’s faces coming across the camera over and over, then maybe after 3 minutes one of them will grimace and make a funny noise. OH THE SUSPENSE.

Then again, there’s also the fact that some manga is never turned into anime. But ssh. I don’t want to sound too biased.


Title pretty much says it all. The series of choice right now are Spice and Wolf, Clannad and Shakugan no Shana II. Spice and Wolf is up to 8, Shana is currently at 19 and Clannad should be hitting 19 this week also. I’ve also been tearing through random manga such as Addicted to Curry while keeping up with older ones like Unbalance X Unbalance. School is keeping me very busy though. Music selection of late has been focused on Kotoko. Songs I would recommend include Agony, Being, Second Flight, Cream+Mint, DuDiDuWa Lalala and Chercher. Ijou!


Gatling cannons not included. I’m in the midst of playing through Xenosaga III in my free time, which is the (roman numerals might give a big hint here) third and final game in the Xenosaga main series. It is a highly story driven RPG, which hours worth of just cutscenes. It’s also one of my favorite games ever, minus the 2nd one which they decided to desecrate by ruining the animation and battle system. Regardless, it was worth it to play it for the story so I could continue on to the 3rd one. I recommend any serious RPG fan to check this serious out, as it’s quite good. 1 and 3 will keep you interested constantly. 2…just bear with it like did. It did redeem itself a little bit though when Jr. calls someone a “damn bitch”. Lawls. Wasn’t expecting that one.

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Big surprise there. I don’t really expect anyone to come here regularly anyway. Basically it’s back to school and classes keep me busy, so there’ll just be an odd post here or there. Be prepared for the randomness. Rawr.

Happy 50,000 viewers. As always, thanks for all that visited. Hope you will continue to check from time to time.


Keeping up with my previous statement, I am indeed posting more frequently as I am back home with less to do. Thus, I will share with you some fine photos from Shining Tears X Wind, since Tony Taka has an eye for creating some of the better anime artwork out there (IMO).

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It’s almost that time of year again. Snow is on the ground and cheer in the air. Christmas time is here.

I’ve managed to get all of my shopping done mostly through online means, though I ordered my sister the FMA box set and am not sure if it will arrive in time (backordered). Besides that, everything should be good. I hope you have/had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

About the manga! I’ve found that watching Bleach after Bleach episode is getting really boring, as the animation isn’t anything spectacular and they tend to fill regular episodes with dumb crap for half of it to draw those out even longer too. So I decided to read the Bleach manga instead. I’m much more satisfied, as there isn’t any crap in it and the artwork exceeds the episodes IMO. I’ve read manga before this, but very casually and randomly. I really need to update my list on the side of anime and mangas I’ve been reading/watching because I definitely have, and haven’t been commenting. I’ll also give an update on the ones I said I was watching before in a sec. Anyway. The main focus of the manga reading right now is Tenjou Tenge, which can be found at Onemanga. It’s a mature anime (meaning nudity, I warned you) but the story is keeping me interested and the fights are fairly easy to follow. The story is starting to confuse me though (I’m around Chapter 60 or so). Still, I’d recommend it to anyone who is mature enough to read it and is looking for a good read.

The New York Anime Festival fell through this year. People ended up not coming, classes ended and too much alcohol was consumed (by others, not me). Not wanting to venture into the land of cosplay by myself, I cowered in my room.

Here are some updates on the series I had started-

You’re Under Arrest- Dropped. Got boring. :/

Myself; Yourself– Still watching it. Still good.

Shakugan no Shana II– Still good. STILL has boring relationship stuff though.

Clannad– Sad, but still really good.

Da Capo– Put on hold until I have further time to watch it. It’s not marked with heavy importance to me right now.

Naruto: Shippuuden – This series has actually started to be interesting again! It’s amazing. What an underdog move. I look forward to each episode that comes out now.

That’s all for now! Again, have a Merry Christmas/Happy New Year and/or whatever else you are celebrating. I’ll be sure to post more soon as I’ll be home…and bored. Thus, the only place to turn is teh interweb. Ja.

Oho. Wait. I forgot a picture. Hmmmm.

Rin and Saber say Merry Christmas2u.

Basically, I finally recieved my Death Note 2008 Calender. Some quick shots can be seen below.

Nice, but there are 2 months to a page, cutting down on the artwork. The pages are also huge if you can’t tell. For 30$ though, it’s still nice overall.

Now for the request! This is very random, and I doubt anyone will know about it, but I’m desperately searching for the soundtrack to the game Vanguard Bandits. Apparently it is very hard to find and goes under the name of Epica Stella? All in all, if you have any news of where I could get this, please let me know.

/edit – Found it. If you want it or a similar game soundtrack, let me know. Might be able to help.

Though busy. Some quick points and resizing of pictures.

The Bleach manga is much better than the anime. I’m almost considering not downloading the episodes unless I know it’s serious and well animated.

Though I haven’t updated my list, I’ve watched a few more animes. Been bouncing around trying to find a good one. New ones I’ve started are-

You’re Under Arrest: Full Throttle (Meh)

Myself; Yourself (Good)

Shakugan No Shana II (Looks promising, but has yet to get to anything really climactic. Stupid relationship stuff)

Da Capo (Not really new, but I’m still starting it)

Clannad (Gold)

And on another note, I absolutely hate Magna Carta. The battle system sucks, and the story isn’t anything special so far. Atrocious voice acting. Nice art though.

Anime festival in a month.

Play more DotA. I’ve been playing since before Allstars, but on and off for the past 2 years or so. Yet, I can still go 10-0 as PA in the first 25 mins. I ended up grabbing an MKB and a DD rune, then get 1400 crits on their team, causing the host to accuse me of maphacking (no clue how that would have even helped me that game, as whenever I killed them they were in plain sight of my creeps), then custom kicked and banned me.


Host needs to L2P. Seriously. I’ll probably upload the replay on Dota-allstars and post the link here.

I should resize those pictures down there so this blog even looks half decent.

And yes, I wasted a post on saying this.

I don’t really have the liberty to blog while working anymore, so I’ll be posting a lot less. Anyway, head over to and check out some of their new stuff. Some of it looks pretty good. (Donate for no wait time :D ) I’d recommend watching the following-

You’re Under Arrest! – It just looks good overall.Good animation style and no stall to the start of the story.

Clannad – If you liked Suzumiya and Kanon, you don’t need to think otherwise.

This isn’t a new anime, but….

History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi– Quite enjoyable. Trust me.

Oh yeah, and I bought Magna Carta: Tears of Blood a little while ago. Interesting gameplay which can get annoying really fast, and the guys looking like girls is somewhat annoying. The voice actors don’t sound like girls though, contrary to Final Fantasy (COUGH TIDUS COUGH) but they speak slow, as if they had them say individual sentences then pieced everything together. Not as hooked on this as I was to Ar Tonelico. I still ordered the artbook for it though, along with Ar Tonelico’s. Mmmm. Worth it.


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