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Again, this is not a hentai, though it is a slightly ecchi manga. By the way, ever since I added the word “hentai” into one of my blog posts, my views have been skyrocketing.

You sick sick bastards.

Sekirei is a story of over 100 people called Sekirei, created by a company called MBI with enormous money and influence. You get the impression that the man behind this views it all as a game. The Sekirei are wandering around alone in Tokyo and eventually meet someone they are naturally drawn to. This person is described as an “Ashibaki”, someone who essentially becomes their master. Sekirei are all unique with their own fighting abilities, and are taught to battle each other on sight until only one remains.

The animation is quite good, and the battle scenes don’t confuse you at all like some other manga do. This manga does show quite a bit of nudity, which from the looks of it, is what most people who come to this site are looking for (you dirty whores GTFO), but the main story is well done also. If you are mature enough to read something without skeeting every time a pair of breasts appear, check it out at OneManga – Sekirei.


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