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No clue what it’s from, but I enjoy any wallpaper with a good theme.

Approaching 200k visitors who got lost while trying to find a good site to visit.

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Too many to post. This will be happening more often. Going for a more vibrant look on this one. Instruments are always a nice addition as well. Hit the link for the full size.

To fully appreciate wallpapers, I usually end up quicklinking everything and having my entire desktop be empty. Do you do the same? Do you use some other third party program to have a dock or something similar?

Wallpaper Shi

School is owning my face. You all care. After looking through my wallpaper archive though, I’m seeing a lot that I like that I really want to post up and share, so I’ll try to do these more frequently. I had a request for one similar to the last one, easy on the eyes and calming. When looking through the stash, this one came forward as the most fitting for those themes.

Beautiful. No clue where it’s from, but if anyone knows please share. Hit the link for the full size and as always, send requests to or leave a comment here. Cheers.

Screen San

Thus begins more screen shares. I like this wallpaper because the premise is one that is quite uncommon. Usually, the wallpaper will have a main focus, and it will be vibrantly displayed. Sometimes it’s much more mellow, but the focus is still there. In this picture, only the girl is shown while the shadows are what tell what is actually happening. I assume this is from an H-game of some sort and have acquired lots of these screens lately, though none that are explicit.

Now, in Ichi, I’m only really giving the screen to people who are willing to post and request. Since it wouldn’t be a screen share if I didn’t share, I’ll start posting links to wallpapers from now on.

Wallpaper Ni

Requests for wallpapers themes can be mailed to me at or posted here. Enjoy.


Hello ladies. Now, I’m not usually one to find/save these kinds of wallpapers, but this one I couldn’t resist. It’s very simple (which I love, can’t find too many simple nice wallpapers out there), has not one attractive woman but two and is just…nice in general. Now, for you sick people who are like “YAYZ HENTAI WTB FAP MATERIAL”, I hate you. Yes, that’s right, I hate you. You people are the ones who have made it so I can’t put this as my background without everyone who sees it saying. “HAHA. You like cartoon women better than real women/cause you can’t get any/you have that there to jack off to?”…you know how it goes. I’m not saying it is entirely your fault, since American society is messed up regardless, but trust me; if you didn’t exist, I could probably get away with it. Yes, if I really wanted to, I could put it up, say “Screw you, I like it, and it’s my wallpaper.” to any onlooker, and just deal with it, but for the amount of crap I’d get otherwise, it probably wouldn’t be worth the effort. And no, I won’t give you the link to where I got it or the original size. Cry moar you fappers.


Looking back, this was quite the angry post. Lawl. The main reason I like this wallpaper is because of the art style. The hair, lighting and blending is unique in regards to other anime wallpapers, and gives it a nice creamy blendy look. I know blendy isn’t a word. QQ


This is a wallpaper that I found before I even knew what Kaze no Stigma was, but it is quite an attractive wallpaper anyway. As always, you can get it from Animepaper. Also, know that you can only get a couple for free from there, so be prepared to donate if you want to continuously get the amazing artwork submitted there.

Original Wallpaper


Thought I would share a wallpaper that I’ve used recently in the past. It has a nice tranquil feeling :). Ayu-chan has a one track mind of taiyaki, but looks rather cute while sleeping.

From – Anime Kanon

Original wallpaper


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