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3.gif Ibuki says SPOILERS

Yeah, I said it. I win. There’s no need for pictures in this post. The ending we all wanted came and went, but still was pretty disturbing. While adventurous of the creators to make an anime like this, it definitely is one of the worst I’ve seen. Yes, I understand the moral is to make you rethink you’re relationships and cheating blahblahblah…but we really don’t need to see some of this stuff. Obviously I was glad to see Makoto die, as he was a total loser right from the beginning. All he ever did was sleep around. Good job realizing it at the end right before she stabbed you. Meanwhile, just from Makoto telling her he didn’t love her any more, Katsura had disillusioned herself for 2 episodes. Even when she regained her senses, she still honestly believed that he had been beside her all the time. So while Makoto had indeed realized it was his fault Sekai was pregnant, he decided that wouldn’t stop him from making out with Katsura (with frenching no less) in front of Sekai 2 minutes later. You deserved to get stabbed if you do something like that. You should have just stayed with Kotonoha in the beginning, but you couldn’t be satisfied with her. Thus, the retard meets his death. That’s fine. BUT. The fact that Kotonoha chops him up, puts him in a duffel bag and then calls Sekai out to the school roof for a confrontation using Makoto’s phone is just…unnecessary. Making Sekai look at Makoto all chopped up before she slices her with a butcher’s cleaver to confirm if she is really pregnant or not is messed up. Regardless, apparently Sekai was faking it the whole time (?). Not sure about this considering Kotonoha is crazy like I mentioned before. Anyway…nice try with the morals and stuff. It was somewhat well played out, but considering this used to be an H-game I really don’t think they needed to put in all the unnecessary parts like the tonguing etc etc. Epic fail. Thank you School Days for ending. By the way, I’m glad Katsura sailed out to the middle of the ocean and has Makoto’s head with her. That must be nice….yeah.


Don’t have much time lately, so Fate/Stay Night will take a while before it’s completed. Back to School Days.

After watching Episode 11, I only have a couple things to say.

-I’m glad to see Kotonoha regain her senses. Her looking like a soulless doll was really bothering me.

-Did he having a gangbang? Or am I missing something.

-This just reaffirms that this anime actually really sucks. Sorry, but it does. Any anime that’s plot is centered on a loser cheating on his PREGNANT girlfriend while lying to one of his better friends so he could do her before she went to France is just horrible. This should have been left as an H-game.

-Screw you Makoto. I hope you get AIDS and die.


3.gifIbuki says SPOILERS


I see it coming! Episode 10, Heart and Body, shows more of Makoto being an idiot, but he finally tells Kotonoha straight up that he doesn’t have feelings for her anymore. Good for him? No, since now she looks like a soulless doll, and I know she has a knife in that handbag. Bitch done gone crazy. I wish Setsuna didn’t leave. As always, I love the indispensable silent character. Kind of lame how she gave herself to him though. I would have preferred she didn’t do that…but oh well. It’s coming to a conclusion, seeing as to how Sekai knows Kato messed around with him in the lounge. And wow…there’s no way that the basketball team would get away with that. Sorry. They’d get ratted out, owned and thrown out of the school. Know why? Cause voyeurism is a CRIME! HANZAI!


So here we are, after watching Episode 9 of School Days, and the shit still hasn’t hit the fan. I guess I should be relieved, but at the same time Makoto (who is getting more than me while he’s dumb as a fucking rock, which OBVIOUSLY makes this a fiction story) is banging lots of other girls (not even limiting it to Sekai anymore) and Kotonoha is beginning to realize that he doesn’t see her as his girlfriend. While I don’t want it to end in bloodshed, I really hope all the girl just kill him. Literally. And I’ve taken a liking to Setsuna even though she seems like a bitch at the start.

In conclusion, it’s really not anyone’s fault except Makoto. You’re not a pimp. Don’t fucking juggle the 4 girls going after you and leave them hanging. You wanted to get with Kotonoha, you GOT with her, then you banged Sekai, then cheated on her with your middle school friend (Otome?). Also, it seems that Taisuke, Makoto’s friend, confesses his love to Kotohona. She’s in shock from him saying Makoto betrayed her, and I think you see her ribbon come off, meaning he may be going at it. Not sure. That’d be pretty lame…and you’d have to be really retarded to not notice someone taking off your clothes. Then again, this entire anime kind of pisses me off. Makes me wonder why I watch it.


I will elaborate more later, but know that I’ve watched episode 6 now, and this series is headed in a bad direction. Bad. If you know what happens in the H-game of this, which I found through Wikipedia, this is NOT a pleasant revelation considering how disturbing it gets. I randomly found a clip of one of the “bad” game endings on Veoh, and gave a serious WTF when I saw it. Seriously wrong. And I don’t want this one ending the same way. But…looks like it’s out of my hands.

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