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Yes SIR! Man living over here has it’s benefits, as I get to go to DigitalLife this coming month, which I went to once before, and that was a blast. We got to mess around with stuff before it came out (Company of Heroes, Guitar Hero II, Final Fantasy XII) and have a great time overall for about 4$. Definitely worth the price.

Now today I come across a small bit of news that mentioned the New York Anime Festival. I’m excited and scared at the same time. While it’s an anime convention that I can actually go to, which won’t be as big as something like Otakon, it will doubtlessly still have masses of cosplayers. I may have mentioned this before, but….cosplay scares the SHIT out of me. I gave an e-cookie to the one girl who cosplayed Haruhi successfully, but still. 99% of them are scary ><. All is well though, as I have a group of friends like me who watch anime/read manga casually. Perhaps if we go together we can ward of all scary cosplayers and enjoy the convention. Check out the website. It looks very promising as of right now. Then again, I only say this because I live across the river from NYC and it’s at the exact same place as DigitalLife. God, living here has some damn nice benefits sometimes. Did I mention that?

Abstract post, but related to anime. Score! Chance to post picture of Hashiba Miki :D



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