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Alright now, this may look like a hentai at first, but bear with me. It’s not. Notttt.



This is a short manga, as it is comprised of 24 chapters. The plot basically revolves around a student by the name of Takaya who accidentally trips over a small pendant one day. He later finds it in his pocket though he never picked it up. After hurtling it into the sky, it later lands on his head, forcing him to pocket it to make it stop troubling him. Later at his house, he examines it, accidentally releasing the contents. He is surprised to find a young girl suddenly appearing on his bed. He is further surprised when she instantly leans forward and kisses him. Suddenly feeling weak, he collapses, but doesn’t pass out. She is surprised to find him still alive, but leaves with a cheerful goodbye and thanks for releasing her from her prison. Still confused and now exhausted, Takaya sleeps, only to wake to find her back in his room. Upon further investigation, it is found that she is a succubus, one who takes energy to sustain herself from kissing others. She returned to Takaya because his kiss was the “tastiest”. She also introduces herself as Lilim. The manga then proceeds to follow their adventure and the multitude of problems she brings Takaya.

All in all, it’s a good manga. It kept me interested till near the end, but the ending itself disappointed me. It was a little too sudden. If you’re looking for a story with a nice fast read, this is a good one for you.

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