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Well, I’m sad to say it, but two anime that were fairly new are coming to an end soon. Kaze no Stigma, an anime that I thought had some real potential, had flopped as there really hasn’t been much progress between the two main protagonists and it’s the same stuff that was happening in the earlier episodes. Regardless, it will be ending soon in 1 or 2 episodes, or so I hear. Darker Than Black, an outstanding anime that I’ve enjoyed all the way through, will also be coming to an end soon. This is one I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a new anime to watch.

On a sidenote, Bleach and Naruto Shippuuden are finally starting to make some progress and do something in the story besides drag on forever or have too many fillers. School Days (oh the horror) is finally over. Claymore is still amazing and hasn’t disappointed yet.

Keep the good times rolling.


This version is the only one I could embed, but the subbed lyrics are horribly done. For a better version, click the link below. (You should be listening though, not looking :P)

See it here


A great song. Too bad it’s either not going to become anything more than a TV size, or it’s going to be a while. Sung by the voice actors of Ayano, Yukari and Nanase.

UPDATE – The full version has been released! Get it off ladies.


This is a wallpaper that I found before I even knew what Kaze no Stigma was, but it is quite an attractive wallpaper anyway. As always, you can get it from Animepaper. Also, know that you can only get a couple for free from there, so be prepared to donate if you want to continuously get the amazing artwork submitted there.

Original Wallpaper


An ongoing anime so far, Kaze no Stigma is a story focusing on the endeavors of Yagami Kazuma and Kannagi Ayano. Originally Kannagi Kazuma, he was banished from his clan due to being unskilled as an Enjutsu, one who uses fire. His disgrace was no longer acceptable to his father when he lost the battle for the Enraiha, the Kannagi clan’s sacred sword, to Ayano. After four years of disappearing, he returns to Japan as a Fujutsu, a wind user. Though he still harbors some angry feelings towards the Kannagi clan, he ends up working for them under the pretense of money so he can spend time with Ayano, who he seems to develop a liking to, and his younger brother Ren. Ayano, though seemingly annoyed by Kazuma’s every action, actually ends up liking him and has to deal with her feelings while fighting by his side. Kazuma, obviously stronger than Ayano now, takes the insulting mentor role. While standing by her side and making sure that she accomplishes things on her own, he also will not pass up the opportunity to insult her.

All in all, Kaze no Stigma seems to come off as maybe your standard anime with the girl initially seeming to hate the guy, then ending up loving him blah blah. It doesn’t detract from the anime overall though. The anime is still entertaining and obviously will touch on each element as the story progresses, and they’ve already hit earth wind and fire (Ahaha, oh I see what I did there.) So far the anime is 14 episodes long and can be downloaded at multiple places.

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