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Not too much to type here, but I just re watched the first episode of Kanon 2006. This isn’t really a spoiler, so if you haven’t watched it you may still read on. In the first episode, Yuuichi actually comes in very close contact or sees every girl that has played or will play a part in his memories.

  • Nayuki (Obviously)
  • Mai (With Sayuri outside the school)
  • Shiori (between leaving the school and meeting Kaori)
  • Makoto (can’t say, or it’s obvious >_>)
  • Ayu (UGUU~)

Also, when Ayu drags him into the cafe, you hear the Canon theme, which is theorized what this anime is named after.

That’s all ^_^



Thought I would share a wallpaper that I’ve used recently in the past. It has a nice tranquil feeling :). Ayu-chan has a one track mind of taiyaki, but looks rather cute while sleeping.

From – Anime Kanon

Original wallpaper


I figure I need to make a post about the anime that has somewhat influenced the name of this blog.

Kanon 2006 is a remake of the original Kanon. I won’t bore you or waste my time by typing out the plot since there is a link that will tell it much better than me in the sentence before this one, but I will say that this- along with The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzuyima, are definitely two of my favorite anime of all time. Produced by the same company too, what a coincidence. Kanon, while amazing, is also very “down to earth” and realistic. I definitely had the strongest (as in most visible) reaction to any occurrence in any anime while watching this. For an amazing performance with the great voice acting skills of Haruhi…watch this. Now.

3.gifSpoiler –  To find out what I reacted to so heavily, read on.

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