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Man her eyes are big.

That’s right. From KyoAni (Kyoto Animation) who did Haruhi and Air are going to bring you Clannad, airing on Oct. 4th. Seeing as to how most of us can’t decipher moonspeak, we’ll just have to look out for it after it’s translated :P. In my opinion, even if the animation of the characters look way too similar to that of Kanon, this series looks like it has a lot of promise. Not to mention I’ve always been inclined towards slice of life ^_^

I’ll try to make another post on this if I find out what sites will be picking it up as projects. Torrents (Lolifox hint hint) are always another good way to make sure you get stuff fast.



So while it looks nice, Clannad has a really noticeable visual similarity to Kanon 2006’s character designs. From the picture above my eyes instantly snap to the upper right to see Mai, then notice the girl in the middle looks a lot like Ayu. I don’t feel the need to try and liken the other girls to Kanon characters as it’s apparent enough.

While this does disappoint me a little already, this doesn’t ruin the anime. I can do nothing but sing praises for Key’s work with Kanon, and while Air’s plot (I’m currently half-heartedly watching it in my spare time) isn’t captivating, the anime is mildly entertaining and as well animated as Kanon was also. From the looks of it, Clannad is another slice of life/school anime, which is my favorite, so I look forward to it. Despite that, the 2nd season of Haruhi still takes precedence.


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