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Gatling cannons not included. I’m in the midst of playing through Xenosaga III in my free time, which is the (roman numerals might give a big hint here) third and final game in the Xenosaga main series. It is a highly story driven RPG, which hours worth of just cutscenes. It’s also one of my favorite games ever, minus the 2nd one which they decided to desecrate by ruining the animation and battle system. Regardless, it was worth it to play it for the story so I could continue on to the 3rd one. I recommend any serious RPG fan to check this serious out, as it’s quite good. 1 and 3 will keep you interested constantly. 2…just bear with it like did. It did redeem itself a little bit though when Jr. calls someone a “damn bitch”. Lawls. Wasn’t expecting that one.

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I don’t really have the liberty to blog while working anymore, so I’ll be posting a lot less. Anyway, head over to and check out some of their new stuff. Some of it looks pretty good. (Donate for no wait time :D ) I’d recommend watching the following-

You’re Under Arrest! – It just looks good overall.Good animation style and no stall to the start of the story.

Clannad – If you liked Suzumiya and Kanon, you don’t need to think otherwise.

This isn’t a new anime, but….

History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi– Quite enjoyable. Trust me.

Oh yeah, and I bought Magna Carta: Tears of Blood a little while ago. Interesting gameplay which can get annoying really fast, and the guys looking like girls is somewhat annoying. The voice actors don’t sound like girls though, contrary to Final Fantasy (COUGH TIDUS COUGH) but they speak slow, as if they had them say individual sentences then pieced everything together. Not as hooked on this as I was to Ar Tonelico. I still ordered the artbook for it though, along with Ar Tonelico’s. Mmmm. Worth it.

An RPG I recently picked up, Ar Tonelico is somewhat of a dating-sim/RPG fusion. It has a good main story line, great character development, passable voice acting (some are better than others [RADOLF IS GAY]) and good music. Oh wait. Did I mention fantastic artwork? In the near future I am definitely buying the artbook for reasons like this-


Yes. Not because I like the pervertedness of it. It’s a drawing. Understand that? DRAWING. Pixels. But I can still appreciate it. Besides the obviousness that two attractive women from an RPG would be enough for most boy gamers to at least take a look at this, I got my hands on another wallpaper with these two girls hugging…without clothes on. Refer to the screen share post earlier if you want a look at it. Regardless, the subtleties of the art are astounding. The blending of the colors and style that the hair/skin is done is unique to most artwork and looks amazing.

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Hello ladies. Now, I’m not usually one to find/save these kinds of wallpapers, but this one I couldn’t resist. It’s very simple (which I love, can’t find too many simple nice wallpapers out there), has not one attractive woman but two and is just…nice in general. Now, for you sick people who are like “YAYZ HENTAI WTB FAP MATERIAL”, I hate you. Yes, that’s right, I hate you. You people are the ones who have made it so I can’t put this as my background without everyone who sees it saying. “HAHA. You like cartoon women better than real women/cause you can’t get any/you have that there to jack off to?”…you know how it goes. I’m not saying it is entirely your fault, since American society is messed up regardless, but trust me; if you didn’t exist, I could probably get away with it. Yes, if I really wanted to, I could put it up, say “Screw you, I like it, and it’s my wallpaper.” to any onlooker, and just deal with it, but for the amount of crap I’d get otherwise, it probably wouldn’t be worth the effort. And no, I won’t give you the link to where I got it or the original size. Cry moar you fappers.


Looking back, this was quite the angry post. Lawl. The main reason I like this wallpaper is because of the art style. The hair, lighting and blending is unique in regards to other anime wallpapers, and gives it a nice creamy blendy look. I know blendy isn’t a word. QQ


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