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Mmmmm, Portal. How I’ve missed puzzle games like those. Which is why I was so pleased to find Braid, a 15$ on X-Box Live that will lead you through a mystery world enveloped by time. A group of friends and I sat around, plowing through the game and being boggled by the puzzles. The key function of this game is that you can rewind time, thus allowing you to never die (it’ll prompt you to rewind time if you let it go long enough after you die). While the puzzles themselves are challenging and fun, the story itself is well done and intruiging. If you like puzzle games, this one would be well worth your money to add to your collection.

Finals are just around the corner, and certain death from parents or their wasted college dollars is assured when I finally failboat in a class.

Want to read an interesting blog? Check out for some great stories with much better writing style than mine. The man is going through a tough time, so if you can find some $$$ to spare, it would mean the world to him.

Time marches on. I think I’ve hit that age where I really have no desire to get any older (20). Going back to being a teenager has already become wistful.

Bought a 60GB PS3 recently. Very nice platform, allowing for a miriad of functions along with backwards compatibility. HD games on a 47″ makes me happy.



No clue what it’s from, but I enjoy any wallpaper with a good theme.

Approaching 200k visitors who got lost while trying to find a good site to visit.

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Sidenote – I like the site theme and layout, but I might end up changing it soon if I spot something better. Every time I visit DM’s site, I want to nom his layout away from him.

Too many to post. This will be happening more often. Going for a more vibrant look on this one. Instruments are always a nice addition as well. Hit the link for the full size.

To fully appreciate wallpapers, I usually end up quicklinking everything and having my entire desktop be empty. Do you do the same? Do you use some other third party program to have a dock or something similar?

Wallpaper Shi

School is owning my face. You all care. After looking through my wallpaper archive though, I’m seeing a lot that I like that I really want to post up and share, so I’ll try to do these more frequently. I had a request for one similar to the last one, easy on the eyes and calming. When looking through the stash, this one came forward as the most fitting for those themes.

Beautiful. No clue where it’s from, but if anyone knows please share. Hit the link for the full size and as always, send requests to or leave a comment here. Cheers.

Screen San

Saber | Fate/Stay Night

Tony Taka

So basically, long story short, Paypal employees took my credit card/bank account info and decided to go on a spending spree. While my bank covers the loss (supposively), I transferred all my funds out and closed my Paypal account. Once the security has been compromised…not going to trust that kind of service. I’m not saying other people shouldn’t, but just be wary of them.

Thus begins more screen shares. I like this wallpaper because the premise is one that is quite uncommon. Usually, the wallpaper will have a main focus, and it will be vibrantly displayed. Sometimes it’s much more mellow, but the focus is still there. In this picture, only the girl is shown while the shadows are what tell what is actually happening. I assume this is from an H-game of some sort and have acquired lots of these screens lately, though none that are explicit.

Now, in Ichi, I’m only really giving the screen to people who are willing to post and request. Since it wouldn’t be a screen share if I didn’t share, I’ll start posting links to wallpapers from now on.

Wallpaper Ni

Requests for wallpapers themes can be mailed to me at or posted here. Enjoy.

Manga is much greater than anime. Hands down.

Alright, maybe that’s a little unfair. Anime can be much more entertaining. But at the same time, I know when I read a manga chapter that if I’m disappointed at the end because they dragged something out, at least it didn’t waste 20 FREAKIN MINUTES. God. I can deal with having to waste a couple minutes to read a crappy chapter. But episode after episode of long drawn out crap really irks me. I can especially see how apparent it is in anime such as Naruto and Bleach. These two are notorious for having long scenes of people’s faces coming across the camera over and over, then maybe after 3 minutes one of them will grimace and make a funny noise. OH THE SUSPENSE.

Then again, there’s also the fact that some manga is never turned into anime. But ssh. I don’t want to sound too biased.


Gatling cannons not included. I’m in the midst of playing through Xenosaga III in my free time, which is the (roman numerals might give a big hint here) third and final game in the Xenosaga main series. It is a highly story driven RPG, which hours worth of just cutscenes. It’s also one of my favorite games ever, minus the 2nd one which they decided to desecrate by ruining the animation and battle system. Regardless, it was worth it to play it for the story so I could continue on to the 3rd one. I recommend any serious RPG fan to check this serious out, as it’s quite good. 1 and 3 will keep you interested constantly. 2…just bear with it like did. It did redeem itself a little bit though when Jr. calls someone a “damn bitch”. Lawls. Wasn’t expecting that one.

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Big surprise there. I don’t really expect anyone to come here regularly anyway. Basically it’s back to school and classes keep me busy, so there’ll just be an odd post here or there. Be prepared for the randomness. Rawr.


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