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Man her eyes are big.

That’s right. From KyoAni (Kyoto Animation) who did Haruhi and Air are going to bring you Clannad, airing on Oct. 4th. Seeing as to how most of us can’t decipher moonspeak, we’ll just have to look out for it after it’s translated :P. In my opinion, even if the animation of the characters look way too similar to that of Kanon, this series looks like it has a lot of promise. Not to mention I’ve always been inclined towards slice of life ^_^

I’ll try to make another post on this if I find out what sites will be picking it up as projects. Torrents (Lolifox hint hint) are always another good way to make sure you get stuff fast.



Yes SIR! Man living over here has it’s benefits, as I get to go to DigitalLife this coming month, which I went to once before, and that was a blast. We got to mess around with stuff before it came out (Company of Heroes, Guitar Hero II, Final Fantasy XII) and have a great time overall for about 4$. Definitely worth the price.

Now today I come across a small bit of news that mentioned the New York Anime Festival. I’m excited and scared at the same time. While it’s an anime convention that I can actually go to, which won’t be as big as something like Otakon, it will doubtlessly still have masses of cosplayers. I may have mentioned this before, but….cosplay scares the SHIT out of me. I gave an e-cookie to the one girl who cosplayed Haruhi successfully, but still. 99% of them are scary ><. All is well though, as I have a group of friends like me who watch anime/read manga casually. Perhaps if we go together we can ward of all scary cosplayers and enjoy the convention. Check out the website. It looks very promising as of right now. Then again, I only say this because I live across the river from NYC and it’s at the exact same place as DigitalLife. God, living here has some damn nice benefits sometimes. Did I mention that?

Abstract post, but related to anime. Score! Chance to post picture of Hashiba Miki :D


So while I’m posting about useful things to have to get/watch anime, we’ll turn to Lolifox! Easily explainable, it is Firefox for anime users. While the web surfing isn’t any different, what it comes with is amazingly useful. As per it’s description, it has links and tools that no anime fan should go without. The torrent file constantly updates with new releases from specific websites, and the list seems to be ahead of what you can find on most websites. The downside to that is…of course…that it is a torrent. Maybe it’s just me, but torrents usually go pretty slow for me. Anyway, it is essential to at least check this out if you’re looking for new ways to get your anime fix.

Click the picture above for linky goodness.

Edit – The torrents constantly updates themselves using live bookmarks. Sexy as hell.

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For those that don’t know, Veoh is an excellent resource for finding new (and old) episodes of anime. It’s basically Youtube for anime fans. You can watch them online for free on their website or download the Veoh player (nothing bad, trust me. I was wary too) and download them to your computer. While you can’t access and move the videos you download, it is still very convenient and nicely organized. The only problem I can see with this is if you want to download movies (over an hour), since all anime episodes load fully on the site. Thus, if you’re looking for anime episodes and have a decent computer, just watch them on the site. The quality is pretty good, has subs (unless it says [RAW] on it, then be prepared to decipher moonspeak) and is a good resource overall. This can tide you over until an .avi or .mkv is released by an official subbing group.

Speaking of .mkvs, new anime fans may find themselves downloading strange movie formats and being unable to play them, such as .mkv or .ogm. That is because they have special features in them, such as multiple languages to pick from and subtitles. To play these, you should download the one and only VLC. VLC is amazing. It plays any format I’ve come across, has a simple and easy interface and just…works. It’s really nice. Get on it if you don’t already for the ease of playing any video format (or music, it does that too, but iTunes is usually the way to go there) you wish.




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