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Mmmmm, Portal. How I’ve missed puzzle games like those. Which is why I was so pleased to find Braid, a 15$ on X-Box Live that will lead you through a mystery world enveloped by time. A group of friends and I sat around, plowing through the game and being boggled by the puzzles. The key function of this game is that you can rewind time, thus allowing you to never die (it’ll prompt you to rewind time if you let it go long enough after you die). While the puzzles themselves are challenging and fun, the story itself is well done and intruiging. If you like puzzle games, this one would be well worth your money to add to your collection.

Finals are just around the corner, and certain death from parents or their wasted college dollars is assured when I finally failboat in a class.

Want to read an interesting blog? Check out for some great stories with much better writing style than mine. The man is going through a tough time, so if you can find some $$$ to spare, it would mean the world to him.

Time marches on. I think I’ve hit that age where I really have no desire to get any older (20). Going back to being a teenager has already become wistful.

Bought a 60GB PS3 recently. Very nice platform, allowing for a miriad of functions along with backwards compatibility. HD games on a 47″ makes me happy.



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