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Sidenote – I like the site theme and layout, but I might end up changing it soon if I spot something better. Every time I visit DM’s site, I want to nom his layout away from him.

Too many to post. This will be happening more often. Going for a more vibrant look on this one. Instruments are always a nice addition as well. Hit the link for the full size.

To fully appreciate wallpapers, I usually end up quicklinking everything and having my entire desktop be empty. Do you do the same? Do you use some other third party program to have a dock or something similar?

Wallpaper Shi

School is owning my face. You all care. After looking through my wallpaper archive though, I’m seeing a lot that I like that I really want to post up and share, so I’ll try to do these more frequently. I had a request for one similar to the last one, easy on the eyes and calming. When looking through the stash, this one came forward as the most fitting for those themes.

Beautiful. No clue where it’s from, but if anyone knows please share. Hit the link for the full size and as always, send requests to or leave a comment here. Cheers.

Screen San


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