O hai.

All hail. The sequel to Immaterial and Missing Power has been released recently. Named Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, the sequel is along the same lines gameplay wise, but has tweaked a few things here and there. To anyone who likes any sort of fighting game, I’d recommend giving these a try. They’re free, they’re well made and have excellent art/music. You can find them on Doujinstyle.com or Tantrumbull’s site (Google it). If you’re planning on it, try IaMP first. It’ll give you an idea of whether or not you’re like the game. Unlike most other fighting games, the gameplay is highly based off projectiles, or bullets, rather than melee moves. Techniques such as grazing, which will allow you to pass through bullets, will charge up your meter to allow you to do special moves. There are Wiki’s for both games which will give you an idea of how in-depth the game really is. That being said, don’t be overwhelmed by some of the pages. Sometimes the people who created the Wiki pages will fill it with moves and numbers that don’t make sense. I can tell you that I haven’t looked into combos/advanced techniques at all and I am still fully enjoying the game.

Now, a word of warning about story mode. Story mode is a bit different than the regular arcade modes. Instead of just busting the enemy down to 0 life, they’ll have “phases” of their special moves at certain points, meaning they’ll basically keep doing their specials until you knock them out of it. This can be a major pain in the ass, as some of them are downright annoying as hell. In IaMP, there is a fight where energy balls will constantly rain down from the sky. Your opponent will also be attacking you while this is going on, so you can imagine how frustrating this can get. In SWR, the last boss has 2 channeling laser attacks that will fire back to back, locking you in place until your guard breaks and you die (Shoooopdawhoooop). Is this anywhere near remotely fair? Absolutely not. But I still want to play story mode to unlock stuff etc etc. So if you’re playing it and get really frustrated with that kind of stuff, stick to arcade mode and duels. If you like beating your head against the wall (I do), then keep truckin’. It doesn’t affect the normal gameplay at all.

Now for some screenshots and captions. Enjoy.

/edit – I’ll publish this for now and put the images in later. Full time jobs consume my life…and more.