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All hail.

All hail

What an awesome shirt. Couldn’t resist from ordering this when I happened to see someone wearing a similar one in Philly this past weekend.

Speaking of ordering this, I am finally privy to doing such again with the recent acquisition of my debit cards again! For those who didn’t know, someone got a hold of my credit card number a while back and decided to have some fun. What everyone doesn’t know is that I managed to lose my wallet on a bus about 2-3 weeks ago. That’s not just replacing my cards and dealing with fraud charges. That’s losing EVERYTHING. What a pain in the ass I tell you. I can’t get back into my college apartment. I can’t get into my work building. I no longer have my monthly bus pass. I have lost all card documentation on health insurance, certifications etc. Christ. Having the power of ordering on the internet and having a means to using the money in my bank account now feels like a significant boon compared to when I took it for granted. On the other hand, I STILL haven’t gotten the money back from the fraud investigation. I’ve been assured countless times that I will receive the money back. When? I can never get a pinpointed answer. Why? Cause they don’t care. I have suppose received merchant credit for these. What the hell does that mean? I don’t want credit to your services. If I did, I’d use the MONEY in my bank for it. You don’t give me credit back for what some guy bought at your store to compensate. It was my money before it was stolen, and I’ll spend it where I like.

The might be some angry Korean Hulk transformation going on at my bank later today. Chink Smash!!!!!

Peace! Brush your teeeeeth.


O hai.

All hail. The sequel to Immaterial and Missing Power has been released recently. Named Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, the sequel is along the same lines gameplay wise, but has tweaked a few things here and there. To anyone who likes any sort of fighting game, I’d recommend giving these a try. They’re free, they’re well made and have excellent art/music. You can find them on or Tantrumbull’s site (Google it). If you’re planning on it, try IaMP first. It’ll give you an idea of whether or not you’re like the game. Unlike most other fighting games, the gameplay is highly based off projectiles, or bullets, rather than melee moves. Techniques such as grazing, which will allow you to pass through bullets, will charge up your meter to allow you to do special moves. There are Wiki’s for both games which will give you an idea of how in-depth the game really is. That being said, don’t be overwhelmed by some of the pages. Sometimes the people who created the Wiki pages will fill it with moves and numbers that don’t make sense. I can tell you that I haven’t looked into combos/advanced techniques at all and I am still fully enjoying the game.

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