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Saber | Fate/Stay Night

Tony Taka

So basically, long story short, Paypal employees took my credit card/bank account info and decided to go on a spending spree. While my bank covers the loss (supposively), I transferred all my funds out and closed my Paypal account. Once the security has been compromised…not going to trust that kind of service. I’m not saying other people shouldn’t, but just be wary of them.


Thus begins more screen shares. I like this wallpaper because the premise is one that is quite uncommon. Usually, the wallpaper will have a main focus, and it will be vibrantly displayed. Sometimes it’s much more mellow, but the focus is still there. In this picture, only the girl is shown while the shadows are what tell what is actually happening. I assume this is from an H-game of some sort and have acquired lots of these screens lately, though none that are explicit.

Now, in Ichi, I’m only really giving the screen to people who are willing to post and request. Since it wouldn’t be a screen share if I didn’t share, I’ll start posting links to wallpapers from now on.

Wallpaper Ni

Requests for wallpapers themes can be mailed to me at or posted here. Enjoy.

Yoshizku Iori from I”s

If you’re into romantic comedy, this manga is a must for you. Check it out at Onemanga.

I’ve been dead to this blog due to school becoming overbearing. It’s almost near the end and finals are right around the corner, but my workload hasn’t slacked off at all. Wish me luck, or I may have too much time on my hands all of a sudden.


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