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Basically, I finally recieved my Death Note 2008 Calender. Some quick shots can be seen below.

Nice, but there are 2 months to a page, cutting down on the artwork. The pages are also huge if you can’t tell. For 30$ though, it’s still nice overall.

Now for the request! This is very random, and I doubt anyone will know about it, but I’m desperately searching for the soundtrack to the game Vanguard Bandits. Apparently it is very hard to find and goes under the name of Epica Stella? All in all, if you have any news of where I could get this, please let me know.

/edit – Found it. If you want it or a similar game soundtrack, let me know. Might be able to help.


Though busy. Some quick points and resizing of pictures.

The Bleach manga is much better than the anime. I’m almost considering not downloading the episodes unless I know it’s serious and well animated.

Though I haven’t updated my list, I’ve watched a few more animes. Been bouncing around trying to find a good one. New ones I’ve started are-

You’re Under Arrest: Full Throttle (Meh)

Myself; Yourself (Good)

Shakugan No Shana II (Looks promising, but has yet to get to anything really climactic. Stupid relationship stuff)

Da Capo (Not really new, but I’m still starting it)

Clannad (Gold)

And on another note, I absolutely hate Magna Carta. The battle system sucks, and the story isn’t anything special so far. Atrocious voice acting. Nice art though.

Anime festival in a month.

Play more DotA. I’ve been playing since before Allstars, but on and off for the past 2 years or so. Yet, I can still go 10-0 as PA in the first 25 mins. I ended up grabbing an MKB and a DD rune, then get 1400 crits on their team, causing the host to accuse me of maphacking (no clue how that would have even helped me that game, as whenever I killed them they were in plain sight of my creeps), then custom kicked and banned me.


Host needs to L2P. Seriously. I’ll probably upload the replay on Dota-allstars and post the link here.


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