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I should resize those pictures down there so this blog even looks half decent.

And yes, I wasted a post on saying this.


I don’t really have the liberty to blog while working anymore, so I’ll be posting a lot less. Anyway, head over to and check out some of their new stuff. Some of it looks pretty good. (Donate for no wait time :D ) I’d recommend watching the following-

You’re Under Arrest! – It just looks good overall.Good animation style and no stall to the start of the story.

Clannad – If you liked Suzumiya and Kanon, you don’t need to think otherwise.

This isn’t a new anime, but….

History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi– Quite enjoyable. Trust me.

Oh yeah, and I bought Magna Carta: Tears of Blood a little while ago. Interesting gameplay which can get annoying really fast, and the guys looking like girls is somewhat annoying. The voice actors don’t sound like girls though, contrary to Final Fantasy (COUGH TIDUS COUGH) but they speak slow, as if they had them say individual sentences then pieced everything together. Not as hooked on this as I was to Ar Tonelico. I still ordered the artbook for it though, along with Ar Tonelico’s. Mmmm. Worth it.


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