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This is a wallpaper that I found before I even knew what Kaze no Stigma was, but it is quite an attractive wallpaper anyway. As always, you can get it from Animepaper. Also, know that you can only get a couple for free from there, so be prepared to donate if you want to continuously get the amazing artwork submitted there.

Original Wallpaper



An ongoing anime so far, Kaze no Stigma is a story focusing on the endeavors of Yagami Kazuma and Kannagi Ayano. Originally Kannagi Kazuma, he was banished from his clan due to being unskilled as an Enjutsu, one who uses fire. His disgrace was no longer acceptable to his father when he lost the battle for the Enraiha, the Kannagi clan’s sacred sword, to Ayano. After four years of disappearing, he returns to Japan as a Fujutsu, a wind user. Though he still harbors some angry feelings towards the Kannagi clan, he ends up working for them under the pretense of money so he can spend time with Ayano, who he seems to develop a liking to, and his younger brother Ren. Ayano, though seemingly annoyed by Kazuma’s every action, actually ends up liking him and has to deal with her feelings while fighting by his side. Kazuma, obviously stronger than Ayano now, takes the insulting mentor role. While standing by her side and making sure that she accomplishes things on her own, he also will not pass up the opportunity to insult her.

All in all, Kaze no Stigma seems to come off as maybe your standard anime with the girl initially seeming to hate the guy, then ending up loving him blah blah. It doesn’t detract from the anime overall though. The anime is still entertaining and obviously will touch on each element as the story progresses, and they’ve already hit earth wind and fire (Ahaha, oh I see what I did there.) So far the anime is 14 episodes long and can be downloaded at multiple places.

EX – AnimeYoshi.


So while it looks nice, Clannad has a really noticeable visual similarity to Kanon 2006’s character designs. From the picture above my eyes instantly snap to the upper right to see Mai, then notice the girl in the middle looks a lot like Ayu. I don’t feel the need to try and liken the other girls to Kanon characters as it’s apparent enough.

While this does disappoint me a little already, this doesn’t ruin the anime. I can do nothing but sing praises for Key’s work with Kanon, and while Air’s plot (I’m currently half-heartedly watching it in my spare time) isn’t captivating, the anime is mildly entertaining and as well animated as Kanon was also. From the looks of it, Clannad is another slice of life/school anime, which is my favorite, so I look forward to it. Despite that, the 2nd season of Haruhi still takes precedence.


For those who don’t know yet, but definitely should, a second season of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya was announced a while ago on July 7th. This is pretty big news, since Haruhi fans worldwide are rejoicing (including me). I also heard rumors that Clannad is possibly being pushed back to make room for this.

For those who haven’t seen the first Haruhi Suzumiya…you need to go get it now. If you’re able to appreciate subtle humor and are tired of hearing people giving anime stereotypes, you can shove this in their face. It has amazing voice actors (JP, don’t touch EN) and some good music mixed in.


Again, this is not a hentai, though it is a slightly ecchi manga. By the way, ever since I added the word “hentai” into one of my blog posts, my views have been skyrocketing.

You sick sick bastards.

Sekirei is a story of over 100 people called Sekirei, created by a company called MBI with enormous money and influence. You get the impression that the man behind this views it all as a game. The Sekirei are wandering around alone in Tokyo and eventually meet someone they are naturally drawn to. This person is described as an “Ashibaki”, someone who essentially becomes their master. Sekirei are all unique with their own fighting abilities, and are taught to battle each other on sight until only one remains.

The animation is quite good, and the battle scenes don’t confuse you at all like some other manga do. This manga does show quite a bit of nudity, which from the looks of it, is what most people who come to this site are looking for (you dirty whores GTFO), but the main story is well done also. If you are mature enough to read something without skeeting every time a pair of breasts appear, check it out at OneManga – Sekirei.

Alright now, this may look like a hentai at first, but bear with me. It’s not. Notttt.



This is a short manga, as it is comprised of 24 chapters. The plot basically revolves around a student by the name of Takaya who accidentally trips over a small pendant one day. He later finds it in his pocket though he never picked it up. After hurtling it into the sky, it later lands on his head, forcing him to pocket it to make it stop troubling him. Later at his house, he examines it, accidentally releasing the contents. He is surprised to find a young girl suddenly appearing on his bed. He is further surprised when she instantly leans forward and kisses him. Suddenly feeling weak, he collapses, but doesn’t pass out. She is surprised to find him still alive, but leaves with a cheerful goodbye and thanks for releasing her from her prison. Still confused and now exhausted, Takaya sleeps, only to wake to find her back in his room. Upon further investigation, it is found that she is a succubus, one who takes energy to sustain herself from kissing others. She returned to Takaya because his kiss was the “tastiest”. She also introduces herself as Lilim. The manga then proceeds to follow their adventure and the multitude of problems she brings Takaya.

All in all, it’s a good manga. It kept me interested till near the end, but the ending itself disappointed me. It was a little too sudden. If you’re looking for a story with a nice fast read, this is a good one for you.

As always, OneManga is an excellent place to find this and many others.

Just wanted to say that I had my Kanon OST arrive from Jungle.Co (minus the animal noises, contrary to someone’s opinion) and it was in great condition. I’m impressed, considering the CD’s I usually receive are at least cracked in one or two places, which pisses me off. Jungle’s packaging was simple on the outside, but inside the CD was compacted with bubble wrap and a highly effective cardboard container. Kudos to



For those who don’t know, this music applies to both the Kanon game and the Kanon 2006 anime. And it’s amazing. ^_^

Not too much to type here, but I just re watched the first episode of Kanon 2006. This isn’t really a spoiler, so if you haven’t watched it you may still read on. In the first episode, Yuuichi actually comes in very close contact or sees every girl that has played or will play a part in his memories.

  • Nayuki (Obviously)
  • Mai (With Sayuri outside the school)
  • Shiori (between leaving the school and meeting Kaori)
  • Makoto (can’t say, or it’s obvious >_>)
  • Ayu (UGUU~)

Also, when Ayu drags him into the cafe, you hear the Canon theme, which is theorized what this anime is named after.

That’s all ^_^


Thought I would share a wallpaper that I’ve used recently in the past. It has a nice tranquil feeling :). Ayu-chan has a one track mind of taiyaki, but looks rather cute while sleeping.

From – Anime Kanon

Original wallpaper


I figure I need to make a post about the anime that has somewhat influenced the name of this blog.

Kanon 2006 is a remake of the original Kanon. I won’t bore you or waste my time by typing out the plot since there is a link that will tell it much better than me in the sentence before this one, but I will say that this- along with The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzuyima, are definitely two of my favorite anime of all time. Produced by the same company too, what a coincidence. Kanon, while amazing, is also very “down to earth” and realistic. I definitely had the strongest (as in most visible) reaction to any occurrence in any anime while watching this. For an amazing performance with the great voice acting skills of Haruhi…watch this. Now.

3.gifSpoiler –  To find out what I reacted to so heavily, read on.

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