Mmmmm, Portal. How I’ve missed puzzle games like those. Which is why I was so pleased to find Braid, a 15$ on X-Box Live that will lead you through a mystery world enveloped by time. A group of friends and I sat around, plowing through the game and being boggled by the puzzles. The key function of this game is that you can rewind time, thus allowing you to never die (it’ll prompt you to rewind time if you let it go long enough after you die). While the puzzles themselves are challenging and fun, the story itself is well done and intruiging. If you like puzzle games, this one would be well worth your money to add to your collection.

Finals are just around the corner, and certain death from parents or their wasted college dollars is assured when I finally failboat in a class.

Want to read an interesting blog? Check out for some great stories with much better writing style than mine. The man is going through a tough time, so if you can find some $$$ to spare, it would mean the world to him.

Time marches on. I think I’ve hit that age where I really have no desire to get any older (20). Going back to being a teenager has already become wistful.

Bought a 60GB PS3 recently. Very nice platform, allowing for a miriad of functions along with backwards compatibility. HD games on a 47″ makes me happy.



No clue what it’s from, but I enjoy any wallpaper with a good theme.

Approaching 200k visitors who got lost while trying to find a good site to visit.

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Sidenote – I like the site theme and layout, but I might end up changing it soon if I spot something better. Every time I visit DM’s site, I want to nom his layout away from him.

Too many to post. This will be happening more often. Going for a more vibrant look on this one. Instruments are always a nice addition as well. Hit the link for the full size.

To fully appreciate wallpapers, I usually end up quicklinking everything and having my entire desktop be empty. Do you do the same? Do you use some other third party program to have a dock or something similar?

Wallpaper Shi

School is owning my face. You all care. After looking through my wallpaper archive though, I’m seeing a lot that I like that I really want to post up and share, so I’ll try to do these more frequently. I had a request for one similar to the last one, easy on the eyes and calming. When looking through the stash, this one came forward as the most fitting for those themes.

Beautiful. No clue where it’s from, but if anyone knows please share. Hit the link for the full size and as always, send requests to or leave a comment here. Cheers.

Screen San

All hail.

All hail

What an awesome shirt. Couldn’t resist from ordering this when I happened to see someone wearing a similar one in Philly this past weekend.

Speaking of ordering this, I am finally privy to doing such again with the recent acquisition of my debit cards again! For those who didn’t know, someone got a hold of my credit card number a while back and decided to have some fun. What everyone doesn’t know is that I managed to lose my wallet on a bus about 2-3 weeks ago. That’s not just replacing my cards and dealing with fraud charges. That’s losing EVERYTHING. What a pain in the ass I tell you. I can’t get back into my college apartment. I can’t get into my work building. I no longer have my monthly bus pass. I have lost all card documentation on health insurance, certifications etc. Christ. Having the power of ordering on the internet and having a means to using the money in my bank account now feels like a significant boon compared to when I took it for granted. On the other hand, I STILL haven’t gotten the money back from the fraud investigation. I’ve been assured countless times that I will receive the money back. When? I can never get a pinpointed answer. Why? Cause they don’t care. I have suppose received merchant credit for these. What the hell does that mean? I don’t want credit to your services. If I did, I’d use the MONEY in my bank for it. You don’t give me credit back for what some guy bought at your store to compensate. It was my money before it was stolen, and I’ll spend it where I like.

The might be some angry Korean Hulk transformation going on at my bank later today. Chink Smash!!!!!

Peace! Brush your teeeeeth.

O hai.

All hail. The sequel to Immaterial and Missing Power has been released recently. Named Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, the sequel is along the same lines gameplay wise, but has tweaked a few things here and there. To anyone who likes any sort of fighting game, I’d recommend giving these a try. They’re free, they’re well made and have excellent art/music. You can find them on or Tantrumbull’s site (Google it). If you’re planning on it, try IaMP first. It’ll give you an idea of whether or not you’re like the game. Unlike most other fighting games, the gameplay is highly based off projectiles, or bullets, rather than melee moves. Techniques such as grazing, which will allow you to pass through bullets, will charge up your meter to allow you to do special moves. There are Wiki’s for both games which will give you an idea of how in-depth the game really is. That being said, don’t be overwhelmed by some of the pages. Sometimes the people who created the Wiki pages will fill it with moves and numbers that don’t make sense. I can tell you that I haven’t looked into combos/advanced techniques at all and I am still fully enjoying the game.

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Saber | Fate/Stay Night

Tony Taka

So basically, long story short, Paypal employees took my credit card/bank account info and decided to go on a spending spree. While my bank covers the loss (supposively), I transferred all my funds out and closed my Paypal account. Once the security has been compromised…not going to trust that kind of service. I’m not saying other people shouldn’t, but just be wary of them.

Thus begins more screen shares. I like this wallpaper because the premise is one that is quite uncommon. Usually, the wallpaper will have a main focus, and it will be vibrantly displayed. Sometimes it’s much more mellow, but the focus is still there. In this picture, only the girl is shown while the shadows are what tell what is actually happening. I assume this is from an H-game of some sort and have acquired lots of these screens lately, though none that are explicit.

Now, in Ichi, I’m only really giving the screen to people who are willing to post and request. Since it wouldn’t be a screen share if I didn’t share, I’ll start posting links to wallpapers from now on.

Wallpaper Ni

Requests for wallpapers themes can be mailed to me at or posted here. Enjoy.

Yoshizku Iori from I”s

If you’re into romantic comedy, this manga is a must for you. Check it out at Onemanga.

I’ve been dead to this blog due to school becoming overbearing. It’s almost near the end and finals are right around the corner, but my workload hasn’t slacked off at all. Wish me luck, or I may have too much time on my hands all of a sudden.


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